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This set of Socio Peace Studies Multiple Choice Questions & Answers (MCQs) focuses on Socio Peace Studies Set 6

Q1 | ‘Aryasatya’ enunciated by Buddha has
Q2 | in which clan prince Siddhartha born?
Q3 | ‘ignorance is the root cause of all types of suffering’. This statement is related with
Q4 | What are the ratnas of Buddhism?
Q5 | where did the Buddha attain enlightenment?
Q6 | Buddha, damma and sangha together are known as
Q7 | “desire is the cause of all suffering”. This statement is related with
Q8 | Meditation in Buddhism is
Q9 | in Buddhism, the community of monks and nuns is called
Q10 | The practice of ‘middle way’ is found in
Q11 | categorical imperative is a term related with
Q12 | According to Kant, categorical imperative is
Q13 | Categorical imperative is the idea of the will of the every rational being as a will thatlegislates universal law’. It is concerned with
Q14 | ’kingdom of ends’ is a term related with
Q15 | Kants ethical theory is
Q16 | political liberalism is a work by
Q17 | starting point for Rawls’ thought experiment is
Q18 | ’Difference principle’ is related with
Q19 | who is the author of ‘war and peace’?
Q20 | Who is the first Indian to receive Nobel prize for peace
Q21 | ‘Introductory essay-peace studies’ is written by
Q22 | coercive is a
Q23 | co-operative is a
Q24 | Convergent is
Q25 | The Dandi march or salt satyagraha began on 12 th march