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This set of Socio Peace Studies Multiple Choice Questions & Answers (MCQs) focuses on Socio Peace Studies Set 4

Q1 | which one refers to underlying order in nature as well as order inhuman life and behavior
Q2 | who adopted the satyagraha marga
Q3 | Bhagavat gita contains in
Q4 | Siddhartha Gautama is also known as
Q5 | Which one is referred by Buddha as middle path?
Q6 | state of peace and quiet is called
Q7 | according to kapila three sources of pain is known as
Q8 | The most fundamental principle of Gandhi’s philosophy of peace is
Q9 | According to Gandhi the universal human value of ahimsa ought to becultivated in ---levels
Q10 | Holding onto truth is called
Q11 | Truth force is called
Q12 | To prevent conflicts caused by religious bigotry, Gandhi suggested
Q13 | Practical ethics is written by
Q14 | One world is a work by
Q15 | Invitation to Indian philosophy is written by
Q16 | Theory of satyagraha in Gandhi and his life and thought is a work by
Q17 | First indo-pak war was started in
Q18 | Shimla agreement was signed between India and Pakistan on
Q19 | kargil war was held in
Q20 | Smiling buddha is related with
Q21 | Indus river treaty is between
Q22 | Which of the following organization led the foundation towards the formation of theInternational society nations?
Q23 | Which organization is termed as "a Child of War"?
Q24 | Which of the following place is the headquarters of IMF (International MonetaryFund)?
Q25 | Who had given the "Fourteen Point" programme for the formation of League ofNations?