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This set of Socio Peace Studies Multiple Choice Questions & Answers (MCQs) focuses on Socio Peace Studies Set 3

Q1 | which year Dalai Llama got Nobel price for peace?
Q2 | satyagraha is a technique of
Q3 | which of the following is not the requirements of satyagraha
Q4 | which of the following is not a kind of satyagraha
Q5 | Which one is not suit for satyagrahi?
Q6 | satyagraha is a force against
Q7 | which one is Gandhi’s ashram
Q8 | The word ‘demo’ stands for
Q9 | The word ‘kratos’ meaning
Q10 | Rawls tries to determine the principles of
Q11 | Thomas Hobbes was belonged to
Q12 | Who advocate the state is not the creation of god
Q13 | Which one is not the work of Thomas Hobbes?
Q14 | Thomas Hobbes says man is exclusively
Q15 | Individual egoism is the theory of
Q16 | Who said ‘man was perpetually at war with every other men’ ?
Q17 | kantian ethics refers to
Q18 | In deontology, deon means
Q19 | Suffering caused by self is called
Q20 | Which one is the Vedic kind of peace?
Q21 | The suffering caused by extrinsic super natural influence is called
Q22 | The concept of nishkama karma is described in
Q23 | Action without the expectation of result from action is called
Q24 | The Republic is wriiten by
Q25 | The republic is mainly concerned with