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This set of Socio Peace Studies Multiple Choice Questions & Answers (MCQs) focuses on Socio Peace Studies Set 2

Q1 | The doctrine of dependent origination is also called
Q2 | Gandhi called his form of disobedience as
Q3 | Which one of the category is not part of eight fold path?
Q4 | Ahimsa means
Q5 | Dharma means
Q6 | Moral autonomy is associated with the work of
Q7 | According to kant freedom of action is restricted by
Q8 | Leviathan is a great work written by
Q9 | Awareness of a communion identity is called
Q10 | The one who is mentally and bodily attuned to a specific socio-culturalspace is called
Q11 | The one who does not experience the socio-cultural-political belonging iscalled
Q12 | Inherent and inalienable value of human being is called
Q13 | Peoples rule is called
Q14 | When two warring sides decides to call it quits, it’s called
Q15 | The First World War held on
Q16 | ---is known as inalienable fundamental rights to which a person isinherently entitled simply because he or she is a human being
Q17 | Which one is milestone document in the history of human rights?
Q18 | which one is not included in three kinds of suffering or pain
Q19 | In democracy supreme power is vested in the
Q20 | Direct democracy is also called
Q21 | Indirect democracy is also called
Q22 | ….is a permissive attitude toward those whose opinions differ fromone’s own.
Q23 | Gandhi said – is a peaceful form of civil disobedience
Q24 | Doctrine of middle path is a contribution to
Q25 | Which one is not related to causal wheel of dependent origination?