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This set of Socio Peace Studies Multiple Choice Questions & Answers (MCQs) focuses on Socio Peace Studies Set 1

Q1 | According to Gandhi is Untouchability is
Q2 | Swadesi means
Q3 | ‘There is no way to peace.peace itself is the way’ who told this?
Q4 | ---is opposition to war , violence or militarianism
Q5 | The word tranquil means
Q6 | Universal declaration of human rights was on
Q7 | Lokasamgraha is a concept in
Q8 | Adibhouthika means
Q9 | Adyatmika means
Q10 | Adidaivika is related with
Q11 | Fundamental principal of Gandhi’s philosophy of peace is called
Q12 | Satyagraha means
Q13 | Gandhi adopted ---as the moral equivalent to war and conflict
Q14 | The term civil disobedience was coined by
Q15 | Refusal to obey laws and government is called
Q16 | Buddha called the eight fold path as
Q17 | Who says about the ‘causes of quarrel’?
Q18 | Which one is not belonged to three definite instincts according to ThomasHobbes?
Q19 | The primary formulation of Kantian ethics is called
Q20 | A theory of justice is written by
Q21 | John rawls was an
Q22 | Original position is a thought experiment propounded by
Q23 | Who is the advocator of modern tradition of non-violent action for changeaccording to Dalai Llama
Q24 | Dalai Llama is
Q25 | The root cause of all suffering according to Buddhism