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This set of Philosophy of Informatics Multiple Choice Questions & Answers (MCQs) focuses on Philosophy Of Informatics Set 8

Q1 | The state in which the too much use of the computer and internet, affecting the routine lifeof an individual is called:
Q2 | An individual who becomes too much dependent on computer and internet is called:
Q3 | Net gamming related to:
Q4 | ------------ refers the addiction toward unlimited information available on the internet.
Q5 | ------------------ is a study involving efficient usage of computer resources.
Q6 | Efficient algorithm is related to:
Q7 | Which among the following is considered as a key approach of Green computing.
Q8 | -------------- is a specific feature of a computer
Q9 | Which one is called a storage device?
Q10 | An -------------------enables you to enter data and instructions into the computer
Q11 | Which of the following is the leading keyboard?
Q12 | There are two primary categories of printers, which are they?
Q13 | LCD monitors using ---------------------------technology
Q14 | Which of the following is the most common example of a locally administered network?
Q15 | The term network architecture means.
Q16 | The first Web domain was hosted on the Web on
Q17 | ---------------------------------------, are generally acknowledge as the “fathers” of theInternet.
Q18 | LAN means
Q19 | WAN means
Q20 | ---------------------technology provides a cost-effective means for electronic communication
Q21 | The largest and fastest pathway is the main artery of the Internet is called
Q22 | LSN means
Q23 | --------------------------networks are true multi-service networks with the potential to offerbroadband services
Q24 | ---------------------------are a result of the combination of features of various portable devices
Q25 | Which is considered as an expensive and powerful tool for carrying electronic information?