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This set of Philosophy of Informatics Multiple Choice Questions & Answers (MCQs) focuses on Philosophy Of Informatics Set 4

Q1 | Who among the following is considered as a strong critic of Behaviorism?
Q2 | Behaviorism says that all feelings are external behavior that others can:
Q3 | -------------- reduces mind to behavior.
Q4 | Who among the following is the proponent of Functionalism?
Q5 | ‘We should explain mental activities and mental states in terms of perpetual inputs andbehavioral outputs’. This view is called:
Q6 | --------------------- claims that all conscious mental states has the connections between senseinputs and behavior outputs.
Q7 | ----------------- agree that a person’s intention can be explained in terms of the person’sdesires and beliefs.
Q8 | According to functionalists all mental states ultimately are to be explained in terms of therole play linking our ----------------- to our external behavior.
Q9 | Functionalism says that if two people have exactly the same inputs and give exactly thesame outputs, those two people have ------------------------------- .
Q10 | Critics argues that Functionalism leaves out the -------------------------.
Q11 | ‘The human brain is a kind of computer that process inputs and generate outputs’. This viewis related to:
Q12 | “Humans are sophisticated computers”. This notion is proposed by
Q13 | ‘The computer is the equivalent of the human mind’. Who proposed this view?
Q14 | Turing test is related to:
Q15 | Who said that computer has a mind?
Q16 | Computer theory of human nature is popularly known as:
Q17 | --------------- is a one of the most opponent of functionalism.
Q18 | ‘Computer is nothing more than a machine that follows the instructions in its program’.Who asserted this?
Q19 | ‘The Myth of the Computer is written by:
Q20 | Who advocated Chinese Room Argument?
Q21 | Chinese Room Argument is form of criticism against:
Q22 | ‘There is something that human minds have that a computer following a program does nothave’. Who said this?
Q23 | According to John Searle computer lacks something which is the essential to the humanmind, what is that?
Q24 | -------------------- is essentials to human mind according to Searle.
Q25 | Searle argues that mental states or activities are not reducible to: