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This set of Philosophy of Informatics Multiple Choice Questions & Answers (MCQs) focuses on Philosophy Of Informatics Set 1

Q1 | Informatics is the applied form of:
Q2 | Informatics includes disciplines of Computer science, Information systems, Informationtechnology and ---------------- .
Q3 | The word Informatics is coined by :
Q4 | The word Informatics is coined from two terms; Information and -------------- .
Q5 | PI means:
Q6 | Who coined the term Philosophy of Information?
Q7 | Philosophy of Information is a branch of:
Q8 | ICS means:
Q9 | ICT means:
Q10 | ------------ and ----------------- played major role in establishing PI as a mature area ofphilosophical investigation.
Q11 | Philosophy of Information treated ---------------------- as only one of the process of in whichinformation can be involved.
Q12 | -------------- is a representation of a fact or idea.
Q13 | Data is a representation of:
Q14 | Organized data is called:
Q15 | ----------------- is the data processing language.
Q16 | In order to process data into information computer has particular language which is called:
Q17 | Binary language consists of just two digits:
Q18 | ------------- is the short for binary digit.
Q19 | One byte is combined by:
Q20 | One Megabyte is combined by:
Q21 | The ------------- is the means to we use to access information over the internet.
Q22 | The unique identification number of a computer is called:
Q23 | IP address means:
Q24 | ------------- is the largest computer network in the world.
Q25 | The concept of ‘Fair use’ is related to: