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This set of Philosophy of Gender Multiple Choice Questions & Answers (MCQs) focuses on Philosophy Of Gender Set 4

Q1 | According to radical feminism a free society is possible only through -----------------
Q2 | “A vindication of Rights of women ‘is the book written by--------------
Q3 | “A Vindication of Rights” published in the year------------
Q4 | Who is consider the founder of Feminism
Q5 | The cardinal point of the book “Vindication ofRight”is………………
Q6 | Who wrote the book subjection of women?
Q7 | The Female Eunchis written by--------------
Q8 | What is the reason for the oppression of women in the society according to Social Feminism
Q9 | According to the Marxist Feminist the inferior status of women emerged through-------
Q10 | Eurocentric feminism belongs to the category of------------------
Q11 | The black feminist’s major argument against white feminism is----------------
Q12 | Euro centric feminism is classified under----------------
Q13 | Suffrage movement is associated with………………...
Q14 | Right to vote and property right are the result of -------------------
Q15 | Against sexual apartheid is written by
Q16 | Obedience to authority is a principle of ------------------
Q17 | Live up to the others expectations is a principle of
Q18 | Post conventional stages of morality gives importance -------------------
Q19 | Ethic of care comes under the category of---------------
Q20 | The notion of justice is discussed in the context of----------------
Q21 | According to Engel’s women lose their significance in the society due to ------------
Q22 | Division of class according to Engels is---------------
Q23 | What is the world- historical defeat of the female sex?
Q24 | According to Engels ancient society was---------------
Q25 | Carl Jung called inner life as