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This set of Philosophy of Gender Multiple Choice Questions & Answers (MCQs) focuses on Philosophy Of Gender Set 3

Q1 | ‘ In a different voice’ is published in the year
Q2 | According to Gilligan morality of women is based on ---------------principle
Q3 | According to Gilligan men’s morality is depend on ----------------------
Q4 | Who argued that women’s morality is not a less developed morality?
Q5 | Women’s moralitybased on the principle of---------
Q6 | Who rejects the idea that mother is an innate natural instinct?
Q7 | Who argues that desire to mother is part of the desire to feminine?
Q8 | The dual parenting propose the idea that
Q9 | What is the ‘feminine principle’ behind the relationship between nature and women?
Q10 | What is the root cause of the damage nature according to eco feminism?
Q11 | ‘Return to nature’ is the principle of------------
Q12 | The existence of purusha is supported by the following arguments like
Q13 | The mythical story ‘Oedipus’ is related with --------------
Q14 | The ‘Logic of unconscious ‘in Freud’s psycho analytical theory is -----------
Q15 | What are the aspects of unconscious?
Q16 | The concept of ‘Penis Envy’ is associsated with
Q17 | ‘Castration fear’ is associated with
Q18 | The mythical story ‘Oedipus ‘is adapted from
Q19 | Who wrote the book Civilization and its discontents’?
Q20 | According to Lacan Phallus represents
Q21 | According to Lacan both men and women are functions like -------
Q22 | Liberal Feminism belongs to the category of----------------
Q23 | Liberal feminism gives important to-----------------
Q24 | The cardinal principles of Liberal feminism is--------------------
Q25 | Egalitarian liberal feminism gives emphasis on the principle of--------------------