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This set of Philosophical Methods Multiple Choice Questions & Answers (MCQs) focuses on Philosophical Methods Set 5

Q1 | The book Phenomenology of Spirit is authored by:
Q2 | Marx discovered the rational kernel with Hegel’s mystical shell by turning it right side up and placed it, on a ----- foundation.
Q3 | The book ‘Poverty of Philosophy is written by:
Q4 | Marx method of dialectics is known as
Q5 | For-----, the dialectical movement in thought is derived from the actual movement of the real world.
Q6 | Any monistic metaphysical theory which holds that ultimate reality is matter and that all seemingly nonmaterial things such as minds and thoughts are reducible to the motions of particles of matter.
Q7 | -----------is the basis of Marxian dialectics
Q8 | How many triads in Marxian dialectics
Q9 | Who recognizes the significance of identity in every moment of contradiction?
Q10 | -------- claims that the knowing subject or self is ultimate reality.
Q11 | According to Russell---- is an immediate, specific content of sensation
Q12 | Vicious Circle Principle is related to -----
Q13 | Which of the following is the example of indefinite description?
Q14 | Definite descriptions begin with the definite articles as ------
Q15 | In which work Russell’s theory of description found
Q16 | Russell is a-------Philosopher
Q17 | Who wrote A History of Western Philosophy?
Q18 | In 1950 --------- received the Nobel Prize for Literature
Q19 | Russell who belonged to --------society
Q20 | Russell was against the---------dominant in England
Q21 | The technique of reduction of Mathematics to logic was first by---------
Q22 | Principia Mathematica is the work of -------
Q23 | Complex propositions can be resolved into their simple components by Russell is called --------
Q24 | Logical Atomism is the philosophy of -------
Q25 | Who visited Russia and expressed his disappointment with the form of Socialism practiced there?