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This set of Modern Western Philosophy Multiple Choice Questions & Answers (MCQs) focuses on Modern Western Philosophy Set 8

Q1 | In Transcendental Aesthetic, Kant discusses the theory of -----
Q2 | Who is the principal exponent of representative realism
Q3 | . Berkeley suggests, as all beings are particular , so all ideas are ----
Q4 | Who among the following western philosophers attempted to refute matter
Q5 | . ------ claims a material world which exists apart from perceiving mind, is unnecessaryand false
Q6 | --------- is not a representative of Rationalism
Q7 | Descartes is considered as the founder of ----------
Q8 | Generally the rise of modern Philosophy had been marked by ----------
Q9 | Descartes is a -------------- Philosopher
Q10 | John Lock is ---------- Philosopher
Q11 | Cogito ergo sum is a key concept in the philosophy of ----------
Q12 | The term ‘natura naturans’ is introduced by -------
Q13 | The doctrine of force relates to ---------
Q14 | --------- is not a Rationalist
Q15 | ---------- are the affections or modifications of substance
Q16 | Whose philosophy is conceived as Absolute Idealism
Q17 | ‘An Essay concerning human Understanding’ is the work of ----------
Q18 | Locke and Berkeley belong to ---------- school
Q19 | According to Berkeley matter is an ----------
Q20 | ‘To be is to be perceived’ is a theory of ---------
Q21 | ‘Ethics’ is written by --------
Q22 | -------- is the view that God is the immanent principle of universe
Q23 | Hume is ----------- philosopher
Q24 | Which one of the following is a secondary quality according to Locke
Q25 | Who among the following is considered as the Subjective Idealist