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This set of Modern Western Philosophy Multiple Choice Questions & Answers (MCQs) focuses on Modern Western Philosophy Set 5

Q1 | ‘Reality which is Absolute is a coherent thought system with logical connectivity’ is theview that can be ascribed to :
Q2 | The distinction between impression and idea was made by
Q3 | “Ideas are of two kinds; ideas imprinted on the senses and ideas formed by memoryand imagination.” ____ is the view advocated by;
Q4 | Pineal gland is the ------------ of the soul according to Descartes
Q5 | According to Spinoza the most important modifications of extension are ----- and ---
Q6 | There are infinite number of substances which are called as monads according to ---------
Q7 | Berkeley thinks that the objective ideas are impressed upon finite sprits by the ------from without
Q8 | ------- claims that mind and their ideas exist.
Q9 | The doctrine of force relates to---------
Q10 | According to Berkeley matter is an----------
Q11 | Hume is ------------- philosopher
Q12 | According to Kant , knowledge of things – in –itself is called-------
Q13 | Which one of the following is a work of Kant
Q14 | Kant’s Rational Psychology deals with------
Q15 | ----- is the method adopted by Kant
Q16 | To whom the term ‘tabula rasa’ relates
Q17 | ------ developed his philosophy on the foundation laid by Fichte
Q18 | Descartes took---------- as the model of his philosophical method
Q19 | Kant’s Rational cosmology deals with----------
Q20 | ‘An Essay concerning human Understanding’ is the work of----------
Q21 | Leibniz belongs to ---------school
Q22 | ‘To be is to be perceived’ is a theory of---------
Q23 | .------- suggests that the ideas are of two types, simple andcomplex
Q24 | To solve the mind body problem, Descartes has introduced -------
Q25 | Who among the following was obsessed with the intellectual love of God