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This set of Modern Western Philosophy Multiple Choice Questions & Answers (MCQs) focuses on Modern Western Philosophy Set 2

Q1 | --- recognizes mind and matter as relative substances which are created by God
Q2 | ----- believes that there are no innate ideas in the mind
Q3 | Who among the following is obsessed with the intellectual love of God?
Q4 | Who said ‘substance is a product of human imagination’
Q5 | -------suggests that the idea of substance is a complexidea
Q6 | According to ---------- , only mind and their ideas exist
Q7 | According to ----- God is an absolute substance
Q8 | ’Ethics’ is the work of ---------
Q9 | Berkeley rejects Locke’s distinction between primary and secondary qualities because:
Q10 | For Descartes, the idea of soul
Q11 | According to Kant belief in God is:
Q12 | For Descartes the proposition ‘I think’ is self-verifying because
Q13 | The primary aim of Descartes is
Q14 | Who called God as Natura Naturata?
Q15 | Who said that ‘Reason must approach nature not as a pupil, but as a judge’?
Q16 | According to Kant _________ the proper objects of faith
Q17 | Which one of the following is not the work of Immanuel Kant?
Q18 | Who highlighted the problem of personal identity first in modern western philosophy?
Q19 | The concept of categories was advocated by :
Q20 | Who among the following held that space and time are apriori percepts ?
Q21 | According to Descartes, the idea of God is -------
Q22 | According to Descartes, the infinite substance stands related to finite substanceas ----- to -----
Q23 | Who has said that the mind has innate ideas
Q24 | The secondary properties of substance are known as
Q25 | Spinoza claims that the things which make up the world related toGod as the properties of ------ to its concepts