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This set of Modern Western Philosophy Multiple Choice Questions & Answers (MCQs) focuses on Modern Western Philosophy Set 19

Q1 | According to Kant, we ought to treat humanity
Q2 | According to Kant, moral law is
Q3 | A furtherprocess of synthesis is effected a priori by the three ideas of reason, namely,
Q4 | The philosopher who put forward the dialectical method is:
Q5 | According to Hegel, there are three stages in the logical development of spirit: subjective mind,objective mind and …..
Q6 | Which method is the proper method of philosophy, according to Hegel, is determined by thesubject matter of philosophy itself
Q7 | The Absolute for Hegel is
Q8 | The real is the rational, and the rational is the real’ is the doctrine of
Q9 | Having shown that metaphysics is unproved and speculative at best, Kant goes on to arguethat
Q10 | What do we directly observe, according to David Hume?
Q11 | Absolute Idealism is advocated by
Q12 | According to Absolute Idealism, what is the relationship between being real and beingknowable?
Q13 | There is the final movement in which the spirit reduces Nature to the inwardness, which thespirit itself is. Only at this stage the spirit rises to self-consciousness in man. According to Hegel this stage is ………
Q14 | For Hegel, Idea means
Q15 | According to the Absolute Idealism of Hegel
Q16 | What is the highest reality (the Absolute), for Hegel?