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This set of Modern Western Philosophy Multiple Choice Questions & Answers (MCQs) focuses on Modern Western Philosophy Set 15

Q1 | According to Spinoza, body and mind
Q2 | The view that one may consider God both as Naturanaturans and Natruanaturata is maintainedby:
Q3 | The fundamental property of substance is known as:
Q4 | …….. declares that there are no substances other than God.
Q5 | Who declares that there are no substances other than God
Q6 | Spinoza is an advocate of
Q7 | What did Benedict Spinoza think a person is
Q8 | ‘There can only one substance which is causasui (cause of itself) and this single substance mustbe identified with the universe a whole. This unique all inclusive totality is therefore God or Nature’ whose statement?
Q9 | The position of psycho-physical parallelism is advocated by:
Q10 | God according to Leibniz is:
Q11 | Monadology is the famous work of:
Q12 | A monad is explained as:
Q13 | Leibniz advocated the theory of:
Q14 | Doctrine of monads is advocated by:
Q15 | For Leibnitz, monad is windowless because
Q16 | …………. Admits innumerable monads or spiritual atoms
Q17 | .............. thinks that substance is to be defined by active force
Q18 | The monads are …… and everything is potential or implicit in it
Q19 | Which among is NOT correct regarding monads
Q20 | Leibnitz defines substance or ‘monad’ as
Q21 | Every monad is a …… of the universe which generates the images of things by its own activity
Q22 | Leibnitz philosophy is
Q23 | Which among the following is NOT applicable to Leibnitz
Q24 | Leibnitz claims that there is only a …….. between soul and body, instituted by God
Q25 | Mind is a ‘tabula rasa’ according to: