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This set of Modern Western Philosophy Multiple Choice Questions & Answers (MCQs) focuses on Modern Western Philosophy Set 12

Q1 | According to Kant, space and time are the ___________ conditions of all knowledge.
Q2 | According to Kant, human reason cannot have genuine knowledge about the ____________.
Q3 | In Kant’s table of judgments, universal, particular and singular represent ___________.
Q4 | __________ is/are applicable to Hegel.1. German 2. Materialist 3. Idealist 4. Absolutist
Q5 | Dialectic has a central place in the philosophy of ____________.
Q6 | Marx had rejected the __________ in Hegelian philosophy.
Q7 | “The real is rational and the rational is real”. This is the crux of _________ philosophy.
Q8 | The first of the dialectical triad is ___________.
Q9 | In Hegelian dialectic, __________ is the synthesis stage.
Q10 | Dialectical development involves the negation of ____________.
Q11 | Berkeley and Hegel are ____________.
Q12 | In Hegel’s philosophy, ____________ is the ultimate reality.
Q13 | The source of Marxian materialism is ____________.
Q14 | __________ is the author of Phenomenology of Spirit.
Q15 | Marx insisted on the philosopher’s task of ____________ the world.
Q16 | According to Marx, ___________ is the lever of social change.
Q17 | The necessary and basic cause of class war, according to Marx, is ___________.
Q18 | Marxian revolution aims at the liberation of the ____________ class.
Q19 | Marx conceived ____________as the necessary culmination of class war.
Q20 | __________ was closely associated with Marx in developing his philosophy.
Q21 | Bourgeoisie vs. Proletariat determines the class conflict in ___________ society.
Q22 | Who among the following is NOT a rationalist thinker?
Q23 | Who among the following is an empiricist thinker?
Q24 | Who among the following is a rationalist thinker?
Q25 | The view that knowledge is attained through reason not the senses is called: