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This set of Modern Indian Thought Multiple Choice Questions & Answers (MCQs) focuses on Modern Indian Thought Set 5

Q1 | The philosophy of Aurobindo is called as idealistic because it conceives thereality as
Q2 | Which is the first publication of JiddhuKrishnamurti ?
Q3 | The book At the Feet of Guru was published at the age of……….
Q4 | At the Feet of Guru was translated into……. Languages and has …… editions.
Q5 | JiddhuKrishnamurti was the exponent of
Q6 | In which area JiddhuKrishnamurti gave more significance?
Q7 | What is the meaning of “mahatma”?
Q8 | The word satyagraha is composed by two words, which are they?
Q9 | What is the motto of independent republic of India?
Q10 | What is the meaning of ahimsa?
Q11 | The positive meaning of ahimsa is
Q12 | Which one is the part of Vedadhikaranirupanam?
Q13 | _______ is an active, strong and extreme form of satyagraha?
Q14 | What is the greatest weapon in the armory of satyagraha?
Q15 | Economic boycott is implied in the vow of________?
Q16 | The ahimsa is against
Q17 | According to Aurobindo, ignorance is the power of divine consciousness towithhold itself
Q18 | Refutation of chaturvarnyam was one of the themes of
Q19 | Who is not a representative of Neo – Vedanta?
Q20 | Generally Indian Philosophy is described as
Q21 | The word ‘renaissance’ means
Q22 | Truth and Non Violence are the key concepts of
Q23 | Jnana Yoga is the work of
Q24 | “All wealth belongs to God, and those who hold it are trustees’’-who said this?
Q25 | Which is the term that refers to Aurobindo’ yoga?