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This set of Modern Indian Thought Multiple Choice Questions & Answers (MCQs) focuses on Modern Indian Thought Set 2

Q1 | Gandhiji – Ambedkar debate focused on -----------
Q2 | Integral Yoga is associated with :
Q3 | ‘Freedom from the Known’ is associated with
Q4 | ‘One Caste , One Religion, One God,’ is the teaching of ------------
Q5 | Gandhiji identified truth with ----------
Q6 | -------- is not a Neo Vedantist
Q7 | According to -------------meditation is not an equivalent of Dhyana
Q8 | Self Enquiry is the key concept in the philosophy of -----------
Q9 | ----------opposed caste system as the worst evil in Hindu society
Q10 | Gitanjali is the work of ------------
Q11 | Universal religion is associated with
Q12 | The watchword of universal religion is
Q13 | The method of self enquiry is related with
Q14 | ‘Freedom From the Known’ is written by
Q15 | Involution and evolution is related with
Q16 | The basic principle of Sreenarayana guru is
Q17 | Integral Yoga is a kind of yoga proposed by
Q18 | According to Ramana Maharshi, attention to the inner self is called
Q19 | Atmopadesasatakam is written by
Q20 | ‘The Life Divine’ is the famous work of
Q21 | Which one is not the three steps of integral yoga
Q22 | Integral yoga is also known as
Q23 | S N D P yogam is founded by
Q24 | ‘VedadhikaraNirupanam’ is the magnum opus of
Q25 | ‘Religion is not a creed or code, but an insight into reality’ is a statement by