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This set of Modern Indian Thought Multiple Choice Questions & Answers (MCQs) focuses on Modern Indian Thought Set 1

Q1 | --------- is not a representative of Neo – Vedanta.
Q2 | Creation according to Aurobindo is a process of
Q3 | Generally Indian Philosophy is described as ------
Q4 | The author of ‘Life Divine’ is :
Q5 | Truth and Non Violence are the key concepts in --------
Q6 | Jnana Yoga is the work of ----------
Q7 | The crux of Neo Vedanta is ---
Q8 | ------------- represents contemporary Indian philosophy
Q9 | “ Truth is a pathless Land” is a teaching of ------------
Q10 | ‘Harijan’ is the work of ----------
Q11 | According to Ramana Mharshi --------- is the core of his philosophy
Q12 | Neo- vedanta is the ---------- application of Vedanta
Q13 | In Aurobindo’s scheme - is involution
Q14 | ----------- is the work of Chattambi Swamikal
Q15 | In the evolution from mind to super mind, --------- is the intermediary step
Q16 | The Vedanta that Vivekananda had introduced to the West came to be known as ----
Q17 | -------- disagreed with Gandhiji on the question of social justice
Q18 | ---------- is not a Neo Vedantist
Q19 | According to Vivekananda , universal religion is -----
Q20 | --------- is a key concept in Gandhian philosophy
Q21 | Neo Vedanta is a ------- interpretation of Vedanta
Q22 | The author of Darsanamala
Q23 | Gandhiji is a -----------
Q24 | The process of evolution goes up from matter to ------------
Q25 | Universal Religion relates to ----------