Introduction To Philosophical Methods Set 7

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This set of Introduction to Philosophical Methods Multiple Choice Questions & Answers (MCQs) focuses on Introduction To Philosophical Methods Set 7

Q1 | The perception in which the qualities of an object is determined is known as———
Q2 | The Sanskrit word Upamana means———
Q3 | Philosophy aims at finding the :
Q4 | The science of morals is known as ———
Q5 | ———- is known as the father of Logic
Q6 | The three faculties of the mind are thinking, feeling and ———
Q7 | Jermey Bentham is a ———-philosopher
Q8 | In ————the faculty of thinking is put to study
Q9 | The pramana which relies on implication is ———
Q10 | ——— inspired Comte to Philosophy
Q11 | The author of Iliad is
Q12 | Spinoza’s Monism is known as ———
Q13 | Subjective idealism reduces matter to ————
Q14 | The idol which stands for words men use in the commercial of daily life is known as————
Q15 | Descartes mathematical method consists in intuition and ———
Q16 | The author of Essay concerning Human Understanding is ———
Q17 | The author of Three Dialogues between Hylas and Philonous
Q18 | In Indian philosophy ———— is a materialist school
Q19 | Locke rejected ————
Q20 | Hume rejected ———
Q21 | According to Descartes in Mathematics we begin with ———
Q22 | The method of Descartes is also known as———
Q23 | The end portion of the Vedas are Known as ———
Q24 | Monadology is the work of ———-
Q25 | The oldest literature in the world is ————