Introduction To Philosophical Methods Set 1

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This set of Introduction to Philosophical Methods Multiple Choice Questions & Answers (MCQs) focuses on Introduction To Philosophical Methods Set 1

Q1 | intellectual midwifery is the theory of knowledge put forward by:
Q2 | ——— is a Skeptic.
Q3 | The metaphysical view that there are many realities is known as
Q4 | The theory that holds reason as the source of knowledge is
Q5 | Inborn ideas are known as:
Q6 | The Philosophy of Hegel is known as
Q7 | The founder of Positivism is
Q8 | The author of Novum Organum is
Q9 | Metaphysics is the work of
Q10 | Early Skepticism is also known as
Q11 | The Greek word Pragma means
Q12 | The author of Republic
Q13 | The metaphysical view that there is one ultimate reality is called
Q14 | According to the modern scientists matter is
Q15 | ——— is a Greek atomist
Q16 | epistemology studies
Q17 | The two branches of Metaphysics are
Q18 | The three distempers of learning according to. Francis Bacon are:
Q19 | Philosophy is concerned with
Q20 | Ethics is a ——-
Q21 | ———- seeks to clarify and refine the process of knowing
Q22 | The Latin word ——— is the root of rationalism
Q23 | ———— insists on a a priori knowledge.
Q24 | ———— was written by Kant
Q25 | Ontology deals with