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This set of Indian aesthetics Multiple Choice Questions & Answers (MCQs) focuses on Indian Aesthetics Set 8

Q1 | According to mukulabhattadhvani can be explained by ______14
Q2 | When suggested sense arise naturally in a poem it is called
Q3 | When suggested sense is subordinate to explicit sense then the poem is called________ .
Q4 | DhvaniKavya has ___ principal varities.
Q5 | In the seventh century _____ school divided in to two sub schools under the aegisof kumarillabhatta and prabhakara.
Q6 | The element of suggestion is not present at all in _____ .
Q7 | Sangitaratnakara is an encyclopedic work on indian _______ .
Q8 | __________ is the author of sangitaratnakara.
Q9 | ________ wrote a commentary on Sangitaratnakara
Q10 | ____________ is not a commentary on sangitaratnakara
Q11 | The spiritual value of music was recognized in ______ upanisad.