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This set of Indian aesthetics Multiple Choice Questions & Answers (MCQs) focuses on Indian Aesthetics Set 5

Q1 | _____________ is the author of Kavya-meemaamsa.
Q2 | Madhurya, ojas and prasada are thethree qualities according to ________ .
Q3 | According to Bhamaha, Dandin and Udbhata the essential element ofKavyawas ___________ .
Q4 | According to Kshemendra __________is the very life of Kavya.
Q5 | __________ treats Rasa as an aspect of Alamkara.
Q6 | Bharata'sNatyasastra mentions ________ alamkaras .
Q7 | Bharata'sNatyasastra mentions ________ gunasof Poetic composition.
Q8 | Vaman defines ___________ as particular arrangement of words.
Q9 | Vamanadiscusses _____________types of riti .
Q10 | According to Vamanathe ________ riti abounds in thegunasojas and kanti.
Q11 | ________ritiis endowed with the gunasmadhurya and saukumarya
Q12 | According ___________ 'Vakroktihkavyajivitam
Q13 | _________divided poetry into three classes (a) vakrokti, (b) svabhlivokti (c)rasokti.
Q14 | MahimaBhatta who wrote ___________ tried to comprehend all ideas ofdhvani in the process of anumana .
Q15 | ____________ considers aucitya as the essence of rasa.
Q16 | Upama ,Dipaka , Rupaka and yamaka are the four ___________ mentioned inNatyasastra .
Q17 | Bhamaka Divides alamkaras into _____ groups.
Q18 | ____________ treats rasa as rasavatalamkara .
Q19 | Vamana equates beauty with _________.
Q20 | Upamaand rupaka are __________ .
Q21 | Anuprasa and yamaka are ___________ .
Q22 | ________ defines poetry as a word promoting delight.
Q23 | _______ defines poetry as that union of sound and sense which is devoid ofpoetic flaws and is embodied with gunas.
Q24 | _________ defines poetry as the union of sound and sense which expressalamkaras.
Q25 | According to Vamanriti is the soul of poetry and all the beautifying elementsof it can be included in the ____ guans accepted by him