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This set of Indian aesthetics Multiple Choice Questions & Answers (MCQs) focuses on Indian Aesthetics Set 2

Q1 | Both Bharatha and Aristotle were primarily concerned with __________.
Q2 | According to ___________ right knowledge is the knowledge of theseparation of purusa from prakriti.
Q3 | Brahmasutra is the basic text of _______ school of Indian philosophy.
Q4 | According to _________ nature is not wholly beautiful.
Q5 | Purusa according to samkhya conception is absolutely _________ .
Q6 | According _______ nature is wholly beautiful.
Q7 | _______ is the author of sankhyakarika.
Q8 | Vacaspatimisra wrote a commentary on ____________ .
Q9 | According to samkhya philosophy everything is made up of _______ gunas.
Q10 | Sankhya aesthetics is ________ .
Q11 | According to _______________artistic attitude is characterized by atemporary forgetting of our individuality.
Q12 | The aim art according to samkhya and Vedanta is to induce _______.
Q13 | According to ___________ artistic attitude offers an escape from the naturalworld.
Q14 | Vedanta aesthetics is ___________.
Q15 | Prakrti and purusa are the two realities according to ______ system.
Q16 | “Vibhavanubhavavyabhicharisamyogadrasanispattih” is the _______ .
Q17 | According to the rasa sutra of Bharata the birth rasa takes place out of thecombination of _________, anubhava and vyabhicharibhava .
Q18 | According to ____________ rasa is a permanent mental state intensified bydeterminants, consequents and transitory emotions.
Q19 | According to Bharatha _________ is the expression of mental states.
Q20 | BhattaLollata was not concerned about __________ view of rasa.
Q21 | According to ______Rasa is not an intensified state but an imitated mentalstate
Q22 | _______________ is the author of kavyakautuka .
Q23 | _________ is the special power words in poetry and drama assumeaccording bhattanayaka
Q24 | The concept of _______ is Bhattanayaka’s main contribution to Indianaesthetics.
Q25 | Acording to bhattanayaka aesthetic experience is not noetic in character ,but itis a kind of ____________ .