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This set of Indian aesthetics Multiple Choice Questions & Answers (MCQs) focuses on Indian Aesthetics Set 1

Q1 | Brahma in originating the Natyaveda has borrowed the art of effective speechfrom __________ .
Q2 | According to____________ there were three preceding books of natyasastraattributed to brahma bharatha , SadasivaBharatha and AdiBharatha.
Q3 | 31. ________ is the founder of samkhya system.
Q4 | 46. According to pessimistic _____ nature is not wholly beautiful.
Q5 | Purusharthas are ____ in number.
Q6 | Brahma in originating Natyaveda has borrowed acting from ______ veda.
Q7 | 104. _________ is the author of kavyaalamkarasutravritti .
Q8 | 119. According to Vamana __________ riti has all the ten gunas.
Q9 | _______ coined the term aesthetics.
Q10 | According to __________ aesthetics is a science of sense cognition.
Q11 | The word Soundaryastands for the concept ______of in Indian aesthetics.
Q12 | The earliest attempt to define art is found in _____brahmana.
Q13 | _________ is the author of aesthetica .
Q14 | _________ is Aristotle’s work on Tragedy.2
Q15 | Immanuel Kant discusses his aesthetic theory in _________ .
Q16 | On sublime by _____ is one of the important work of Greeko roman literature.
Q17 | _____ is the first known and extant work on dramaturgy in Indian tradition.
Q18 | _________ is the first known author of poetics.
Q19 | According to _______ a performance of drama is concerned with achievingcertain siddhis.
Q20 | __________ is the author of Malavikagnimitram.
Q21 | _________ is the author of Rasagangadhara.
Q22 | In _______ purana there are two chapters dealing with architecture.
Q23 | Upanishads, ___________, and the Bhagavad-Gita, are collectively called theprasthanathrayi.
Q24 | The founder of Nyaya school is___________ .
Q25 | According to ________Art is mimesis.