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This set of Fundamentals of Ethics Multiple Choice Questions & Answers (MCQs) focuses on Fundamentals Of Ethics Set 9

Q1 | Jainavratas corresponding the five restraints (yama) of the ----- system.
Q2 | The three Jewels of Jainism:
Q3 | _____ is the keynote of the ethics of Buddhism.
Q4 | Buddha’s ethics is:
Q5 | ___ consists in abstention from killing, stealing, illegal sex indulgence, lying anddrinking liquor for laymen.
Q6 | The primary right:
Q7 | The article guarantees equality before law.
Q8 | Pick up the wrong statement. The fundamental rights are:
Q9 | Which is NOT a fundamental right as per Constitution of India
Q10 | The fundamental duties of the citizens were added to the Constitution by :
Q11 | Which among the following is the duty of a citizen of India
Q12 | Fundamental duties are:
Q13 | The word was added by the 42nd Constitution Amendment
Q14 | Which of the following word have not been written in the preamble of the IndianConstitution
Q15 | What thing does make ones’ life happy?
Q16 | From which does the term ‘ethics’ origin?
Q17 | What is the material object of ethics?
Q18 | What is the formal object of ethics?
Q19 | ) What is a moral action?
Q20 | ) What does immoral mean?
Q21 | ) What do you mean by Amoral?
Q22 | ) Which of the following is not an example of Amoral action ?
Q23 | ) In which branch of science do ethics come under?
Q24 | ) Identify the major branches of ethics?
Q25 | ) Applied ethics deals with __________