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This set of Fundamentals of Ethics Multiple Choice Questions & Answers (MCQs) focuses on Fundamentals Of Ethics Set 6

Q1 | Which among the following is NOT a Hypothetical Imperative:
Q2 | Kant says: “ There is nothing in the world, or even out of it, that can be called goodwithout qualification, except a -------
Q3 | Pick up the wrong answer. The Good will is:
Q4 | According to Kant, the will is ------------ when it acts solely from a sense of duty.
Q5 | According to Kant, it is wrong to break a promise, because
Q6 | Kant’s which maxim shows that ‘None should enslave himself or others’
Q7 | Kant’s second maxim shows:
Q8 | According to Kant to commit suicide is wrong, because:
Q9 | Kant’s third maxim says:
Q10 | Which among the following is NOT a Postulates of Morality
Q11 | Kant says, we are autonomous when we act according to
Q12 | In the opinion of Kant, a right action should satisfy
Q13 | According to perfectionism the highest good is:
Q14 | Who holds that each person has a place and function in the human society inaccordance with his talents?
Q15 | Self –realization means:
Q16 | Self –realization means:
Q17 | Who’s concept is “ My Station and its Duties”
Q18 | The duty to the self includes
Q19 | According to Bradley the Supreme Duty is:
Q20 | Who wrote EthicalStudies:
Q21 | Who authored Appearance and Reality
Q22 | F.H. Bradley is a ---------- philosopher
Q23 | Who authored Republic
Q24 | “Virtue is Knowledge” related with:
Q25 | The Greeks used the term Eudaemonia in the sense of