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This set of Fundamentals of Ethics Multiple Choice Questions & Answers (MCQs) focuses on Fundamentals Of Ethics Set 15

Q1 | The idea of business ethics caught the attention of academics, media and business firms bythe end of the _______________ .
Q2 | Which of the following is not a ‘Code of conduct’ ?
Q3 | Ethical executives abide by _______________ relating to their business activities.
Q4 | ________________ is a set of principles and expectations that are considered binding on anyperson who is member of a particular group.
Q5 | Law is ___________________ of ethics.
Q6 | Business ethics calls for avoidance of
Q7 | Ethics has evolved with evolution of
Q8 | Business ethics relates to
Q9 | Morality means:
Q10 | Business ethics is
Q11 | “We wish to be good citizens of every community in which we operate.” This is
Q12 | The study of ethics is divided into ______________ operational areas.
Q13 | Business Ethics is a code of conduct which society should follow while conducting their social activities.
Q14 | Which statement is/are true?
Q15 | Which of the following does not contribute to the development of a business enterprise’sstandard of ethics?
Q16 | Unethical behaviour is often triggered by
Q17 | Business Ethics is a code of c onduct which businessmen should follow while conductingtheir
Q18 | Managers today are usually quite sensitive to issues of s ocial responsibility and ethicalbehavior because of___________.
Q19 | Which functional area in business ethics is ab out obeying and adhering to rul es andauthority?
Q20 | Holders of Public Office should promote and support the seven principles of public life by___________ and prove to be example in whatever way they perform.
Q21 | The relevance of ethics is in its
Q22 | Which one of the following is not the seven principles of public life?
Q23 | For survival of business
Q24 | Reasons why a “ good understanding of business ethics” is i mportant, can be st ated asfollows:
Q25 | The main aim or objective of business is