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This set of Fundamentals of Ethics Multiple Choice Questions & Answers (MCQs) focuses on Fundamentals Of Ethics Set 14

Q1 | Ethics is a set of _________ of human conduct that govern the behavior of individuals ororganization.
Q2 | ______________ is about obeying and adhering to rule and authority.
Q3 | Which of the following is an unethical business practice?
Q4 | Administrative corruption includes ‘gifts’ to the ___________
Q5 | Business ethics is based on well accepted ____________
Q6 | Business ethics has a ____________ application.
Q7 | ____________ are beliefs about what is right and wrong or good or bad.
Q8 | Business Ethics is _____________ in nature.
Q9 | The relevance of ethics is in its
Q10 | Business malpractice does not include
Q11 | Ethics refers to a ________ that guides an individual while dealing with others.
Q12 | Ethics in compliance means
Q13 | _________made it important for businesses to have an ethics code, something in writingabout what one ought to do, and what to strive for.
Q14 | Compliance is about obeying and adhering to _______________.
Q15 | An expert who is c onfidentially available to solve the e thical dilemmas is known as______________.
Q16 | Which of the following statements about business ethics is true?
Q17 | Top managers demonstrate commitment to ethical business practices with
Q18 | Feature that is NOT present in business ethics are—
Q19 | In setting ethical standards, perhaps the most effective step that a company can take is to
Q20 | Following is not a professional characteristic:
Q21 | Ethics has become important because of
Q22 | Corporate codes of ethics
Q23 | Ethical and unethical behaviours are determined by
Q24 | The crucial step in understanding business ethics is
Q25 | A set of principles and expectations that are considered binding on any person who ismember of a particular group is known as