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This set of Fundamentals of Ethics Multiple Choice Questions & Answers (MCQs) focuses on Fundamentals Of Ethics Set 13

Q1 | __________ is the author of Prolegomena to Ethics.
Q2 | A _________ action ‘tends to bring about what is good’.
Q3 | ________ argued that if conscience had strength and authority, “it would absolutely govern theworld”.
Q4 | Avoiding injury either to oneself or to another’s physical well-being implies the Respect for _______.
Q5 | Respect for life corresponds to the right to __________.
Q6 | Mackenzie defines ________ as ‘The science of the ideal in human conduct’.
Q7 | Butler’s term for intuitive moral faculty is _______.
Q8 | The right of the child to education corresponds to the parents’ __________ to ensure it.
Q9 | Education is a practical means that corresponds to the _________ theory of punishment.
Q10 | The right to freedom is essential to _________.
Q11 | Deterrent theory of punishment is ___________.
Q12 | Retributive theory of punishment involves ___________.
Q13 | Capital punishment cannot be justified according to ___________ theory of punishment.
Q14 | The right to ________ is recently included in the fundamental rights in India.
Q15 | _________ is not a proponent of hedonism.
Q16 | Social Darwinism refers to the position of ___________.
Q17 | Those phenomena of conduct in these highest creatures, with which Morality is concerned, alsoconform to the laws of evolution. ___________ said this.
Q18 | Find out the matching pairs.1. Bentham/hedonism 2. Reformative view of punishment/the penalty of death 3. T. H. Green/utilitarianism 4. Kant/Critique of Practical reason
Q19 | According to Sidgwick, ‘nothing is desirable in itself except ___________.
Q20 | Rights and duties are the __________ constituents of the citizen’s life.
Q21 | Right to _________ is the most fundamental right.
Q22 | ___________ theory of punishment is more humanitarian.
Q23 | The word ethics is derived from
Q24 | ‘It is difficult but not impossible to conduct strictly honest business’ is famous quote by:
Q25 | The term ‘business ethics’ came into common use in year _________