Environmental Philosophy And Human Rights Set 5

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This set of Environmental Philosophy and Human Rights Multiple Choice Questions & Answers (MCQs) focuses on Environmental Philosophy And Human Rights Set 5

Q1 | The Ecology of Freedom is published on -------
Q2 | The politics ofsocial ecology is published on
Q3 | Murray Book chin was an ------ social theorist
Q4 | Ecofeminism was emerged in :
Q5 | In 1992 Rio declaration emphasized on
Q6 | The department of women and child development was set up in the year ---
Q7 | Energy audit helps in :
Q8 | The serious environmental threat of greenhouse effect is-----
Q9 | According to ecology----is a dangerous approach to the world
Q10 | Silent valley was started in :
Q11 | The patron of ecology
Q12 | Ecosophy is derived from the ------ word
Q13 | Who introduced the sustainable development
Q14 | Sustainable development focus on --------
Q15 | Green revolution is started from--------
Q16 | The number of primary producers within a specified area would be maximum in
Q17 | Burt Land commission conducted at ----
Q18 | Who is the father of modern ecology
Q19 | Thomas Lovejoy is related with---------
Q20 | Which among the following not relevant in sustainable development
Q21 | Ecologies of mind is relates with -----
Q22 | Sustainable development is introduced in
Q23 | ā€™ Value assigned to something by usefulnessā€™ is related with-----
Q24 | Theory of Environmental Ethics is written by---
Q25 | From microbes to humans is associated with ------