Environmental Philosophy And Human Rights Set 1

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This set of Environmental Philosophy and Human Rights Multiple Choice Questions & Answers (MCQs) focuses on Environmental Philosophy And Human Rights Set 1

Q1 | Ecosystems has two components
Q2 | The word biodiversity was coined by --------
Q3 | The term ecosystem first appeared in -------
Q4 | The respect for nature is a book written by ------
Q5 | Eco is a word derived from -----
Q6 | Toward a transpersonal ecology was written by -----
Q7 | Which is the type of ethics
Q8 | Wild life protection act was introduced in -----
Q9 | The greek word from where ethic is derived
Q10 | In ecosophy T refers to ----------
Q11 | Land ethic was written by –
Q12 | Environmental Information system ( ENVIS) was established in ----
Q13 | Man is a constituent of ------
Q14 | Who is the author of land ethic
Q15 | The importance of ecosystem lies in ----------
Q16 | World forest day celebrated on -----
Q17 | The nuclear plants causes ---
Q18 | Study of plant environment is called -----
Q19 | Consequential ethical theory is also called--------
Q20 | Chipko movement is the world’s most known eco development programme relates with ----
Q21 | When is world environment day celebrated
Q22 | Biodiversity is rich in the ------
Q23 | The wild life refers to organisms living in their natural ---
Q24 | Conservation ethics also called --------
Q25 | The importance of ecosystem lies in ----