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This set of ECO Philosophy Multiple Choice Questions & Answers (MCQs) focuses on Eco Philosophy Set 1

Q1 | Eco philosophy deals with philosophy of ---------
Q2 | Eco philosophy mainly deals with --------- part of philosophy
Q3 | Arne Naess related to -----
Q4 | World Environment Day is
Q5 | The word ‘Eco’ is a word derived from :
Q6 | Who among the following is a proponent of bio centrism
Q7 | ‘The respect for nature ‘is a book written by :
Q8 | Anthropocentrism gives intrinsic value to :
Q9 | An ethics that treats only humans as morally considerable is called -----------
Q10 | The question ‘what is living’? is important in ------ ethics
Q11 | The book ‘Summa Theologica’ was written by :
Q12 | Over human interruption in nature will cause --------
Q13 | Art gallery argument gives emphasis to --------- aspect of nature
Q14 | The view that human beings are above or outside of nature as a source of value is known as ---
Q15 | Wellbeing of all individual living things is the primary concern of -------
Q16 | ‘Silent spring’ is written by
Q17 | The human centered ethics puts value up on :
Q18 | In -------- ethics, importance is given to bio sphere and the large eco system
Q19 | The expression ‘Transpersonal ecology ‘ was coined by
Q20 | The notion of relationship is important in ----------
Q21 | Arne Naes is a ------ philosopher
Q22 | The view which allows only use value to nature is known as ----------
Q23 | Which of the following is a patriarchal value ---------
Q24 | Deep Ecology places emphasis upon --------
Q25 | Who is the proponent of the theory of deontology :