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This set of Crime and Punishment Multiple Choice Questions & Answers (MCQs) focuses on Crime And Punishment Set 5

Q1 | Where is International court located-(
Q2 | Who is the author of the book “Crime and Punishment”-
Q3 | The novel “War and Peace” is written by –
Q4 | Which of the following is a result crime-
Q5 | Which of the following is a ‘conduct’ only crime-
Q6 | According to John F. Galliher, legal definitions of criminality arrived at through a __________ processes-
Q7 | Ron Classen sees crime primarily as
Q8 | The pluralistic perspective suggests that behaviours are typically criminalized through
Q9 | Which of the following jobs probably would not fall within the field of criminalistics?
Q10 | A police officer or probation officer is best described as a
Q11 | __________ definitions focus on criminology’s role in uncovering the underlying causes of crime.
Q12 | According to various professional groups, violence in television, music, video games, and movies
Q13 | Which of the following is not an immediate input provided by the justice system that may enhance or reduce the likelihood of criminal occurrences?
Q14 | Which of the following is considered as a disease?
Q15 | Which of the following is not a reason why rape victims fail to report their victimization?
Q16 | According to Elliott Currie, the __________ is the rate of crime calculated on the basis of crimes that would likely be committed by those who are incapacitated by the criminal justice system.
Q17 | For a defence of intoxication, to escape criminal liability, the intoxication:
Q18 | All about ‘intention’ is true except one:
Q19 | The study of one particular criminal organization is an example of the __________ datagathering strategy.
Q20 | The word ‘illegal’ is applicable to everything:
Q21 | In which year was the Magna Carta signed?
Q22 | Which of the following was not one of the three types of crimes outlined by Beccaria?
Q23 | Which of the following is true about imprisonment?
Q24 | Whosaid ‘criminals are born’.
Q25 | Who said ‘crimes have positive effect in society’.