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This set of Beginnings of Indian Philosophy Multiple Choice Questions & Answers (MCQs) focuses on Beginnings Of Indian Philosophy Set 6

Q1 | Jaina theory of Reality is known as
Q2 | Jaina theory of Reality is known as
Q3 | Jaina Epistemology is known as
Q4 | Jaina theory of Knowldege is known as
Q5 | The ‘Seven Conditional judgements’ for knowledge according to Jainism is called
Q6 | According to ‘Anekanda Vada’ , Reality has
Q7 | According to Jaina Epistemology, ordinary man gets
Q8 | The founder of Nyaya system is
Q9 | The author of Nyaya Sutra is
Q10 | The founder of Vaiseshika system is
Q11 | The author of Vaiseshika Sutra is
Q12 | How many pramanas are accepted by Nyaya philosophy
Q13 | Which one of the pramanas is not accepted by Nyaya epistemology
Q14 | Nyaya gives importance to ------ pramana
Q15 | Vaiseshika accepted ----- Categories
Q16 | Vaiseshika gives importance to ------ category
Q17 | Paramanu vada is the contribution of
Q18 | The minutest particle of matter which cannot be further divided is called
Q19 | Which one among the following is not an atomic structure
Q20 | Nyaya-Vaiseshika Theory of Causation is called
Q21 | Asatkarya vada is also known as
Q22 | The author of Samkhya Sutra is
Q23 | The author of Yoga Sutra is
Q24 | There are --------- according to Samkhya philosophy
Q25 | The word ‘Samkhya’ means