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This set of Applied Ethics Multiple Choice Questions & Answers (MCQs) focuses on Applied Ethics Set 9

Q1 | The book ‘Social Responsibilities of the Businessman ‘ is written by :
Q2 | Killing someone for the sake of mercy to relieve great suffering is -----
Q3 | The Nazi Euthanasia programe was not motivated by the concern for :
Q4 | The notion of free market is associated with -------- business
Q5 | The first objective of business is ------------
Q6 | Allowing the patient to die by withholding treatment is -------------- euthanasia
Q7 | ---------- makes statements about ethics or ethical statements without using ethical words
Q8 | Taking a direct action designed to kill the patient is ------------euthanasia
Q9 | The dictionary meaning of Euthanasia is -------
Q10 | Who denied the possibility of ethics providing an universal rule and canon forevery possible case?
Q11 | ---------- is a reasonable extension of the ethical principles in the actualcircumstances of the moral life.
Q12 | Who calls casuistry is the goal of ethical investigation:
Q13 | --------- argued that, ethical theories have no effect on particular moraldecisions in practice.
Q14 | ‘The greatest happiness of the greatest number’ is related with:
Q15 | The -------------------- theory of ethics have produced a slackening of moralefforts in this age.
Q16 | Whose life and ethical practice leads to the founding of University College,London
Q17 | Rule of----------are the most important among the rules of ethics in presentcentury..
Q18 | --------- claims to be a practical as well as a theoretical science
Q19 | ----------- is the attempt to apply ethical principles to the case of doubt inour practical experience
Q20 | Who makes strong condemnation to casuistry?.
Q21 | Among these who has regarded ethics as a practical subject
Q22 | ‘Moral end is the preservation of life in the individual life or in the race’- Thisview is related with:
Q23 | Intuitionism is described by
Q24 | Universal happiness is related with
Q25 | ---------- is always more influential than moral theory