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This set of Applied Ethics Multiple Choice Questions & Answers (MCQs) focuses on Applied Ethics Set 4

Q1 | The notion ‘living will’ is related to:
Q2 | Slippery slop argument is related to:
Q3 | The question of personhood is related to:
Q4 | Which among the following is accelerated the discussions upon abortion issues.
Q5 | The practice of giving birth to a baby for another women who is unable to have babiesherself is called:
Q6 | A woman who is given birth to a baby for another woman who is unable to have babiesherself is called as:
Q7 | Surrogacy is considered one among the ----------------------------------------.
Q8 | The notion of ‘Baby selling’ is related to:
Q9 | The issue of ‘commodification of babies’ is discussed in:
Q10 | Problem of parent hood is closely connected with:
Q11 | Question regarding ‘motherhood’ is coming in the ethical discussion on:
Q12 | -------------------- is treated as one of the fundamental ethical issue related to surrogacy.
Q13 | Who is the biological mother of the child in a traditional surrogacy?
Q14 | In a Traditional surrogacy ------------------ gives eggs for fertilization.
Q15 | In ------------------- the surrogate has no biological link to the baby.
Q16 | A woman who rears the baby after birth is called:
Q17 | A woman whose contribution to the child was the ovum is called:a.
Q18 | -------------------- is the male genetic contributor to the creation of an infant.
Q19 | Commercial surrogacy is banned in India in -------.
Q20 | Surrogacy regulation bill was passed by Lok Sabha in ------.
Q21 | Which place in India was called as ‘Baby factory’’ ?
Q22 | ---------------- is called the surrogacy capital of India.
Q23 | Anand is called as:
Q24 | In India ----------------- surrogacy is permissible.
Q25 | Name the euthanasia which is done by the consent of the appropriate person on behalf ofthe patient who is unable to give consent.