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This set of Applied Ethics Multiple Choice Questions & Answers (MCQs) focuses on Applied Ethics Set 3

Q1 | Identify the form of Euthanasia which is performed when the person is persistentlyvegetative state, or the case of infants.
Q2 | The notion of ‘status of embryo’ related to:
Q3 | ‘Doing away with useless mouths’. This view related to
Q4 | ‘Maintaining a pure Aryan Volk’, is the justification given by:
Q5 | Nazi euthanasia is neither voluntary nor non-voluntary but -------------------.
Q6 | Euthanasia is done by the withdrawal od life supporting systems is called:
Q7 | The euthanasia is done by giving lethal injection is called:
Q8 | --------------------- type of euthanasia is widely accepted.
Q9 | Voluntary euthanasia is also called as:
Q10 | Which among the given is treated as the widely accepted form of euthanasia?
Q11 | The term bioethics is derived from the Greek -------------- ---------------.
Q12 | The article ‘Bioethical imperative’ is written by
Q13 | The principle of Autonomy is related to :
Q14 | Which among the following is not treated as the principle of Medical ethics?
Q15 | The notion of Informed consent is related to the principle of:
Q16 | The concept ‘Informed consent’ is related to:
Q17 | ------------- is the basic principle of the view of Fair distribution of scare medicalresources.
Q18 | ------------------------ is the basic principle of the view that a medical procedure doesnot make harm to the patient involved and others in the society.
Q19 | When death is brought about by an act is called:
Q20 | When a patient is killed by giving an overdose of medicine is called:
Q21 | When euthanasia is brought about by commission of an action is called:
Q22 | Passive euthanasia is when death is brought about by an ----------------.
Q23 | Euthanasia popularly classified in to -------------- according to the notion of informedconsent.
Q24 | Classification of euthanasia as Voluntary, Non-voluntary and Involuntary areaccording to the notion of:
Q25 | Among the following which form of euthanasia is very similar to act of murder: