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This set of Applied Ethics Multiple Choice Questions & Answers (MCQs) focuses on Applied Ethics Set 12

Q1 | Who was the first human to have been born from an embryo that had beenfertilized outside a human body
Q2 | Who introduced the in vitro fertilization technology?
Q3 | IVF means:
Q4 | IVF is related with:
Q5 | Which technology is now considered as a routine procedure for certain types of infertility
Q6 | The IVF procedure often produces -------------- for a single safetransplantation.
Q7 | In an IVF Procedure embryos can be screened for genetic abnormalities, andthen -------- if such abnormalities are found.
Q8 | Who has predicted that the embryo which is produced by IVF develops bloodstem cells from the 17th days after fertilization?
Q9 | Edwards has predicted that the embryo which is produced by IVF developsblood stem cells from the ----- days after fertilization.
Q10 | Edwards has predicted that the embryo which is produced by IVF develops ----------from the 17th days after fertilization.
Q11 | The first anatomical feature, the so-called primitive streak, appears after the --------day of fertilisation
Q12 | Primitive streak will develop as:
Q13 | It is wrong to kill an innocent human being. A human fetus is an innocent human being. Therefore it is wrong to kill a human fetus. – Who holds this argument?
Q14 | A human fetus is not an innocent human being- Who holds this position?
Q15 | “We must either upgrade the status of the earliest embryo to that of the child, or downgrade the status of the child to that of the embryo.”- Who advocatesthis position?
Q16 | Liberalists argued that, -----------------is the most visible possible dividing linebetween fertilized egg and child.
Q17 | Who argued that, Birth is the most visible possible dividing line betweenfertilized egg and child?
Q18 | The location of a being – inside or outside the womb – should not make thatmuch difference to the wrongness of killing it. Who holds this position?
Q19 | Conservatives argued --------- have the same human features and the samedegree of awareness and capacity for feeling pain.
Q20 | The conservative explains that the -----------------is the same entity, whetherinside or outside the womb.
Q21 | In Roe v.Wade case the United States Supreme Court considered ---------------- is the mark for the continuation of the life of the fetus.
Q22 | The point at which the fetus can survive outside the mother’s body variesaccording to the-----------------------.
Q23 | The fetus is totally dependent on the mother for its survival means that it hasno right to life independent of her wishes. Who express this position?
Q24 | --------------------- is the time when the mother first feels the fetus move
Q25 | In traditional Catholic theology, quickening was thought to be the moment atwhich the fetus gained its -------.