Ancient And Medieval Western Philosophy Set 4

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This set of Ancient and Medieval Western Philosophy Multiple Choice Questions & Answers (MCQs) focuses on Ancient And Medieval Western Philosophy Set 4

Q1 | The scene of the first period of greek philosophy is -------- .
Q2 | Plato and Aristotle build upon the foundations laid by ----------
Q3 | The scene of the -------- period of greek philosophy is laid in Athens, Alexandria,and Rome.
Q4 | According to --------- happiness is the highest good in life.
Q5 | According to -------------- virtuous life is the highest good.
Q6 | Anaximander was a pupil of ------------ .
Q7 | Plato was the student of ------------ .
Q8 | Aristotle was the student of ------------- .
Q9 | Anaximenes was the student of ----------------------.
Q10 | The Ionian thinkers were interested in the problem of ---------- .
Q11 | The Eleatics and the Heraclitus were interested in the problem of -------- .
Q12 | ------- stated that ‘you could not step twice into the same rivers’.
Q13 | According to ------------- “for the way upward and the way downward are one.
Q14 | According to ----------- everything, therefore, is a union of opposite qualities.
Q15 | ------------ is the originator of the Eleatic school.
Q16 | Zeno and Melissus are the dialecticians of the ----------- school.
Q17 | If you associate with me, on the very day you will return a better man than youcame.''- this is a statement by ------------ .
Q18 | According to --------- knowledge depend upon the particular knower.
Q19 | The chief concern of ----------- was to meet the challenge of Sophistry, which,in undermining knowledge, threatened the foundations of morality and the State.
Q20 | ----------- maintained that morality is based on feeling and desires.
Q21 | According to ------------ perception can give only relative knowledge.
Q22 | Homo mensura was the maxim of----------------- .
Q23 | The dictum “ Know thyself “ is attributed to ----------- .
Q24 | ------------- believed in truth, morality and universal validity of knowledge.
Q25 | According to ------------- morality and political views based on feeling canonly be relative and conventional.