Ancient And Medieval Western Philosophy Set 3

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This set of Ancient and Medieval Western Philosophy Multiple Choice Questions & Answers (MCQs) focuses on Ancient And Medieval Western Philosophy Set 3

Q1 | According to Socrates knowledge is through -----------.
Q2 | For Socrates knowledge is -----------
Q3 | According to Socrates ------------alone can take us to being.
Q4 | ------------ believed in universal validity of knowledge.
Q5 | Sophists failed to accommodate the role -----------plays in the formation ofknowledge
Q6 | ------------------ maintained that virtue is knowledge of the good through concepts.
Q7 | ------------ claimed that real knowledge of justice, virtue are already present in man.
Q8 | According to ----------- knowledge is virtue and virtue is true knowledge
Q9 | From -------- Plato derived the doctrine of the eternity and changelessness of idea.
Q10 | From------------Plato derived the notion of the immortality of the soul.
Q11 | From-------------Plato accepted the doctrine of the flux of sensible things.
Q12 | ------------ is the doctrine that universals have their own independent existence.
Q13 | -------------- is the doctrine that universals are constructed by human mind.
Q14 | According to --------------- universals are mere words to think about class.
Q15 | According to --------- virtue is one.
Q16 | The theory of Ideas is proposed by ------------ .
Q17 | ---------- is the element common to the Individual man and the idea of the man.
Q18 | Which among the following is not a characteristic of idea.
Q19 | Plato compares the Idea of the Good to that of --------.
Q20 | He Idea of ----------- is the highest reality and it is the cause of truth andknowledge.
Q21 | ------------ period extends from 585 to the middle of the fifth century B.C.
Q22 | The sophistic period is period of -----------
Q23 | The socratic period is a period of --------------
Q24 | --------- period extends from 430 BC to 320 BC
Q25 | The period from 585 to the middle of the fifth century B.C. is known as ------- .