Ancient And Medieval Western Philosophy Set 1

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This set of Ancient and Medieval Western Philosophy Multiple Choice Questions & Answers (MCQs) focuses on Ancient And Medieval Western Philosophy Set 1

Q1 | Orphism greatly influenced --------------------
Q2 | ------------- subscribed to the doctrine of the transmigration of the souls.
Q3 | According to Thales universe is fundamentally ------------
Q4 | For ------------------ primary matter was boundless something.
Q5 | Greek philosophy begins as an enquiry into the --------- world.
Q6 | According to ----------- the world arises from water and return to water.
Q7 | ------------ held the view that the ultimate stuff of the universe is boundlesssomething.
Q8 | -------- is the fundamental thing underlying the universe according to Anaximenes.
Q9 | ---------- stated that all things are full of gods .
Q10 | ------------- held that earth is cylindrical in shape and moves freely in space.
Q11 | ------------ calls his infinite boundless matter God.
Q12 | According to ------------ the primary air is regulated by the opposed principles ofcondensation and rarefaction.
Q13 | ----------- declared that whatever exists,exists in number.
Q14 | -------------tried to show that things are numbers in some arbitrary manner.
Q15 | According to ------------- change alone is real , and manyness and changes areunreal.
Q16 | --------- holds the identity of thought and being.
Q17 | -----------belongs to the Eleatic school.
Q18 | ------- is the sole reality according to Parmenides.
Q19 | According to Parmenides the world that presented to us through senses is -----.
Q20 | ------------ makes the distinction between sense and reason.
Q21 | ----------- is the doctrine that the sense world is an appearence
Q22 | According to ----------- only being is , becoming is not at all.
Q23 | According to ------------- being and not being are in everything at one and the sametime.
Q24 | For ----------- both being and not being are equally real .
Q25 | According to ------------- being has not being in it.