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This set of Making of Modern Kerala Multiple Choice Questions & Answers (MCQs) focuses on Making Of Modern Kerala Set 2

Q1 | Mandapathum Vathukkal is associated with the administration of----
Q2 | Marthanda Varma dedicated Travancore to Padmanabha Swamy in----
Q3 | With whom did Marthanda varma signed the treaty at Mavelikkara in 1753?
Q4 | Dutch power came to an end in Kerala with the battle of -------
Q5 | Kolachel war broke out in the year--------
Q6 | Who among the following was the Diwan of Dharma Raja?
Q7 | Kurichia Revolt was broke out in-----
Q8 | Who among the following was a leader of Kurichia Revolt ?
Q9 | Malabar was ceded to British as per the treaty of------
Q10 | Who built the Palakkad fort?
Q11 | The sub Collector of North Malabar responsible for the defeat of Pazhassi Rajain 1805
Q12 | Who was entrusted the civil administration in Malabar by Hyder Ali in 1766?
Q13 | Who was appointed as the Mysorean Governor of Malabar by Tipu Sultan?
Q14 | Who is often hailed as Kerala Simham?
Q15 | Who among the following were the naval admirals of Zamorin’s fleet?
Q16 | Who was responsible for the suppression of oligarchy in Travancore?
Q17 | Kovilakathum Vathukkal is associated with---------- administration
Q18 | Thrissur Pooram is considered to be started by----
Q19 | With whom did Veluthampi entered into secret alliance for defeating theBritish?
Q20 | Dutch Governor associated with the book ‘Hortus Malabaricus’
Q21 | Who wrote the work ‘ Varthamana Pustakam ?
Q22 | The first Malayalam dictionary was compiled by…………
Q23 | Who started the C M S press in 1821?
Q24 | Which is the first Newspaper in Malayalam?
Q25 | The first college to be established in Kerala