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This set of Making of Modern Kerala Multiple Choice Questions & Answers (MCQs) focuses on Making Of Modern Kerala Set 1

Q1 | Vasco da Gama landed at Kappad in….
Q2 | Trading facilities to the Portuguese at Kannur was offered by…………….
Q3 | The first European fort to be built in India.
Q4 | Vasco-da-Gama visited Calicut second time in the year…………….
Q5 | In 1503………………arrived at the Kerala coast as the representative of the king of Portugal.
Q6 | -------------- reached in India in 1509 as the Portuguese Viceroy.
Q7 | Fort St. Angelo was built at Kannur by the………
Q8 | Synod of Diamper was held in 1599 at-------
Q9 | Coonan Cross Oath took place in the year—
Q10 | The first Jewish Synagogue was set up in Kerala at…….
Q11 | Anjengo Fort was built by--------
Q12 | Dutch East India Company was established in……..
Q13 | The only muslim kingdom in Kerala was the…..
Q14 | First Pazhassi Revolt was broke out in
Q15 | Who among the following was not associated with Pazhassi Revolt?
Q16 | Which one of the following is regarded as the first organized revolt againstthe British in Kerala?
Q17 | Who issued the famous Kundara Proclamation?
Q18 | Kundara Vilambaram was issued in the year----
Q19 | Veluthampi Dalawa committed suicide at…..
Q20 | The Farook town was set up by……
Q21 | Who wrote Malabar Manual?
Q22 | Cochin State Manual was written by-----
Q23 | Who is popularly hailed as Dharma Raja?
Q24 | Who among the following is responsible for the modernization of TravancoreArmy?
Q25 | Who is hailed as the founder of Modern Travancore?