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This set of Reading Prose Multiple Choice Questions & Answers (MCQs) focuses on Reading Prose Set 9

Q1 | What was the occasion on which Baldwin wrote the letter ?
Q2 | What does Baldwin see in his nephew’s face ?
Q3 | “Baldwin uses words as the sea uses waves” These are the words of -----
Q4 | According to Baldwin the Americans are trapped in a --------that they don’t understand.
Q5 | The condition of the Blacks in the American Society is no different from that of Englanddescribed in the works of-------
Q6 | Baldwin advises his nephew to trust only in---------
Q7 | E.F Schumacher is the author of ------
Q8 | According to Schumacher, the modern pursuit of profit and progress has resulted in ------
Q9 | The alternative proposed by Schumacher for modern super technology is--------
Q10 | The principles of ----had a great impact on Schumacher.
Q11 | “Technology with a human face “ is an example of -----
Q12 | The modern world, according to Schumacher, has been shaped by its ------
Q13 | Which of the following is not an attribute of nature ?
Q14 | The limitation of modern technology is that it does not recognize any ------
Q15 | In the subtle system of nature, modern super – technology acts like a -------
Q16 | The success brought in recent years by industrialization is, in Schumacher’s view, -----
Q17 | What kind of work is reduced by modern technology?
Q18 | A great part of the neurosis of advanced industrial society is due to the lack of --------
Q19 | . How much of the total social time in modern society is spent on actual productive work inSchumacher ‘s view?
Q20 | ------- recommended production by the masses instead of mass production to help the poorcountries.
Q21 | Name the author of Emotional Intelligence
Q22 | The Times magazine lists -----as one of the ideas changing the world right now.
Q23 | -----has offered one of the best assessments of the emotional mind.
Q24 | The reactions of the emotional mind is ----- than that of the rational mind. (a)slower (b) quicker (c)cleverer (d)happier134. Actions that spring from the emotional mind carry a strong sense of -------
Q25 | The rapid mode of perception used by the emotional mind sacrifices accuracy for ------