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This set of Reading Prose Multiple Choice Questions & Answers (MCQs) focuses on Reading Prose Set 8

Q1 | Our virtue, we put almost entirely into our ----------
Q2 | What hinders human beings from accommodating rapid changes?
Q3 | Mediocre ------- are said to be a pair of twins contemptible
Q4 | ---------are morality at its dawn
Q5 | Good resolutions are ----- of the day’s work
Q6 | There would be very little------to be got out of a single sitting face to face with a German grammer.
Q7 | The essay On Good Resolutions was published in the year--------
Q8 | Which of these is an essay by Robert Lynd.
Q9 | Who compares virtue to a flower in his tribute to the Prince Consort ?
Q10 | Name the author of ‘Religion and Civilization
Q11 | Islam’s -------principles offered the converts a hope of a better future
Q12 | Politics in the pre-independent period was structured around---------
Q13 | The spirit of a --------Indian nation runs contrary to the values of a secular policy and society.
Q14 | Religious and cultural anxieties in India were mainly due to the arrival of------
Q15 | The Indian Nationalist leaders tried to evolve an --------ideology.
Q16 | The Author of ‘Legacy of a Divided Nation’ is--------
Q17 | The Mughal Empire weakend due to the breakdown of ------among the ruling elites.
Q18 | Who referred to the unified Hindu religion as ‘Syndicated Semitised Hinduism’?
Q19 | The Indian Constitution followed a policy of --------
Q20 | Name the first novel of James Baldwin
Q21 | My Dungeon Shook is taken from
Q22 | The crime mentioned in the letter is --------
Q23 | In the letter ‘My Dungeon Shook’ , Baldwin asks for
Q24 | ’My Dungeon Shook’ is in the form of a --------
Q25 | Baldwin addresses his letter to his ------