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This set of Reading Prose Multiple Choice Questions & Answers (MCQs) focuses on Reading Prose Set 7

Q1 | The dwellings of the untouchables were separated from the rest of the village by a -----
Q2 | What work did the members of Valmiki’s family do ?
Q3 | The Christian Sevakram Massihi used to -----
Q4 | His school fellows used to call Valmiki------
Q5 | Kaliram came to the school as the new -----
Q6 | Kaliram ordered Omprakash to ------
Q7 | The encounter with the headmaster filled Omprakash with -----
Q8 | Whose work inspired Mrinal Sen for his entry in to the film world ?
Q9 | “You are a difficult judge of your work” – who is the speaker ?
Q10 | I wish your countrymen whom I love so much not success but remorse. Who said this ?
Q11 | -------has been the breeding ground for many of Sen’s films
Q12 | In which of his works Sen talks about conformism
Q13 | ------was Sen’s first Hindi film.
Q14 | Which film of Sen made a satire on bureaucracy
Q15 | “If you ask me again, my answer will be, I don’t know myself, I don’t want to” --- the speaker is----
Q16 | Mrinal Sen,s wish is to see his film as a --------
Q17 | The autobiography of Mrinal Sen is entitled-------
Q18 | Which of the following is not included in Mrinal Sen’s Calcutta Trilogy
Q19 | The film Bhuvan Shome was made in the year--------
Q20 | The film maker who criticized Mrinal Sen for his ignorance of character in an open letter was -----
Q21 | The film Antareen was influenced by------
Q22 | Name the essay from which the extract ‘On Good Resolutions’ is taken
Q23 | The essay ’On Good Resolutions’ brings out-------
Q24 | Resolutions become popular as-------approaches
Q25 | We--------when a man readily agrees to behave in a better way.