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This set of Reading Prose Multiple Choice Questions & Answers (MCQs) focuses on Reading Prose Set 6

Q1 | Grain dealers have reduced their precautionary stocks as they depend on ---------
Q2 | Which of the following has been a big mistake according to Krugman ?
Q3 | Martin Luther King accepts the Nobel Prize on behalf of -------
Q4 | The Negroes in America were chained down by -----
Q5 | According to Martin Luther King -----is the answer to the political and moral problems of our time.
Q6 | ------and violence are antithetical concepts
Q7 | The road of love and progress taken by the nonviolence activists has lead to -------
Q8 | King refuses to accept -------as the future reality of the nations of the world.
Q9 | The promise of the ideal world of peace, referred to in King’s speech is found in --------
Q10 | King recalls the services of ---------to the struggle for freedom and justice.
Q11 | Martin Luther King Jr. received the Nobel Prize in the year ------
Q12 | Martin Luther King Jr. was involved in the -------
Q13 | A beautiful mind is a biography of --------
Q14 | Nash won the Nobel Prize for his pioneering work in-------
Q15 | The academy award-winning movie directed by Ron Howard in 2001 was-------
Q16 | Nash came to live with ----- of Princeton in 1970
Q17 | Who co-edited the work The Essential John Nash?
Q18 | The Professor of Mathematics who became a close friend of Alicia after her divorce was--------
Q19 | John David Stier was the ------of John Nash
Q20 | Johny solved many unsolved classical problems in the -----
Q21 | John Nash Jr. won his Ph.D from ----
Q22 | Sylvia Nazar is the -----of John Nash
Q23 | Joothan : A Dalit’s life by Omprakash Valmiki is a ---------
Q24 | Omprakash Valmiki belonged to the community of--------
Q25 | The word “Joothan” means -------