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This set of Reading Prose Multiple Choice Questions & Answers (MCQs) focuses on Reading Prose Set 5

Q1 | Which of the following is not included in the uses of studies by Bacon?
Q2 | Little reading, according to Bacon, is
Q3 | --------men condemn studies
Q4 | Bacon compares natural abilities to --------
Q5 | “Reading maketh a -------man”
Q6 | A Chronicle of the peacocks belongs to the genre ---------
Q7 | Intizar Husain migrated from Utter Pradesh to -------at the time of partition.
Q8 | Husain compares the result of the ------- to that of the war in Mahabharath.
Q9 | The search for the peacocks in the story symbolizes the craving for -------
Q10 | Name the great criminal of Kurukshetra who appears in “ AChronicle of the peacocks”?
Q11 | How did the peacocks react to the nuclear tests in Rajasthan
Q12 | The peacock in Sravasthi reminded the narrator of the days of ----
Q13 | The peacock was banished from paradise, because he had helped -------
Q14 | The question raised by Parikshit concerns ---------
Q15 | The shadow of Ashwathama represents----------
Q16 | ---------grew in the narrator’s mind like the fish in Manujis pond
Q17 | To shake off the evil shadow following him, the narrator of the chronicle goes finally to -----
Q18 | Paul Krugman got the Nobel Prize for ------in 2008
Q19 | ”Grains Gone Wild” is a -------
Q20 | Krugman is known for his contribution to --------
Q21 | In his article, Krugman comments on the world ---crisis
Q22 | The overall demand for grains has increased due to the increase in the number of -------
Q23 | -----is the world’s 2nd largest exporter of wheat
Q24 | Ethanol is an example of a ----------
Q25 | The production and use of biofuels is seen as an example of -------